Jojoba Carrier Oil
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We have wide selection of Jojoba Oils including Certified Organic Golden and Clear Jojoba Oil, and also Unrefined as well as Deodorized varieties to suit all your needs for Manufacturing Cosmetics and Skin Care & Hair Care Products. 

What makes Jojoba Oil so different is that it is actually a liquid wax rather than a true oil, and is extraordinarily similar in composition to skin’s natural sebum. Almost entirely comprised of wax esters and containing Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil is resistant to oxidation and can remain chemically stable for years compared to oils comprised of triglyceride fats, which oxidize and have a much shorter shelf life. Jojoba Oil is extremely heat stable and is being able to withstand temperatures up to 295 degrees Celsius, without affecting its composition. Its superb molecular stability and its ability to promote a healthy looking skin makes it a staple in the skin care industry.

How to choose your Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is obtained by cold pressing of the Jojoba Seeds. The oil has a light golden to golden brown color and a soft nutty aroma. We offer a number of Jojoba varieties to suit your needs depending on your intended uses.


Jojoba Golden Golden to golden brown  Soft nutty 
Jojoba Golden Organic Golden to golden brown  Mild nutty 
Jojoba Golden Deodorized Golden to golden brown  No Scent
Jojoba Clear Deodorized Clear No Scent
Jojoba Clear Deodorized Organic Clear No Scent


All of our deodorized and decolorized varieties are refined without the use of chemicals. Deodorizing is done through steam in a vacuum at a controlled temperature without the use of chemicals to preserve the integrity of the Jojoba’s naturally beneficial composition. Decolorizing is achieved by using natural earths/clays to pull and remove the golden color while also avoiding the use of chemical solvents. Golden Jojoba Oil is the option that is truest to nature. However, the composition of wax esters as well as the emollient properties of Jojoba Oil are unaffected by our deodorizing/decolorizing methods. Typically, deodorized/decolorized oils are more practical in cosmetic applications where a specific scent and appearance is desired for the finished product.  

  • Jojoba Carrier Oil Varieties

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  • Country of Origin: Argentina
    Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis
    Extraction/Processing Type: Cold Pressed
    Aromatic Description: Organic Jojoba Golden Oil has a soft nutty odor
    Absorption: Organic Jojoba Golden Oil is easily absorbed by the skin and creates a barrier leaving a satiny finish
    QAI Certified Organic: Guarantee of organic and natural growing and production practices without the use of prohibited chemicals

    Fatty Acid Profile:
    Oleic Acid: < 15%
    Gadoleic Acid: < 80%
    Erucic Acid: < 20%

    Jojoba Golden Organic Carrier Oil is a great addition to organic, all natural products as it is truest to nature of all the varieties, containing maximal benefits. This oil is best in preparations that work with the natural scent and color of the oil.

    RatingRatingRatingRatingRating 5/5 (Based on 7 customer reviews)
    CAD $52.00 (1000ml) More Info
  • Country of Origin: Argentina 
    Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis
    Extraction/Processing Type: Cold Pressed
    Aromatic Description: Jojoba Golden Carrier Oil has mild, nutty odor
    Absorption: Jojoba Golden Carrier oil is readily absorbed by skin leaving a satiny smooth finish while creating a protective barrier

    Fatty Acid Profile:
    Oleic Acid: < 15%
    Gadoleic Acid: < 80%
    Erucic Acid: < 20%

    Jojoba Golden Carrier Oil contains the natural scent and color of Jojoba Oil while maintaining all of its natural properties and benefits.

    RatingRatingRatingRatingStar Rating 4.9/5 (Based on 33 customer reviews)
    CAD $47.28 (1000ml) More Info
  • Country of Origin: Argentina
    Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis
    Extraction/Processing Type: Cold Pressed - decolorized, deodorized
    Decolorization method: Natural bleaching earth
    Deodorization method: Effective vacuum
    Aromatic Description: Odorless
    Absorption: Quick absorption, Jojoba Clear creates a barrier and leaves a silky smooth finish

    Fatty Acid Profile:
    Oleic Acid: < 15%
    Gadoleic Acid: < 80%
    Erucic Acid: < 20%

    Jojoba Clear Deodorized Carrier Oil is easy to work with to deliver the benefits of Jojoba Oil without influencing product scent or appearance in a formulation, making it a great choice in personal care products.

    RatingRatingRatingRatingStar Rating 4.9/5 (Based on 10 customer reviews)
    CAD $64.53 (1000ml) More Info

Benefits and uses of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is used to combat the look of aging and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is considered to have a low comedogenic rating and helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier. Jojoba Oil is rich in anti-oxidants, also working as an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial cleanser. These unique characteristics combined have made Jojoba the preferred choice in skin care for promoting youthful looking skin while soothing a range of skin problems. Jojoba Oil can be used neat and is an excellent carrier oil when used in conjunction with essential oils. It is gentle, seals-in moisture, and gives a soft and supple look to the skin with a satiny finish.

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