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Raw Materials are essential ingredients for creating luxurious all natural products. We are pleased to provide a wide variety of items to suit your every need including Silk Amino Acid, Aloe Vera Gel Juice, Vitamins C & E and so much more.

  • Aloe Vera Juice Raw Material
    Aloe Vera Juice
    Raw Material

    Aloe Vera Juice is considered a highly moisturizing agent that contains Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, folic acid and beta-carotene. This juice can be used as a substitute for water during the manufacturing of creams, lotions, soaps and other cosmetic products. 

  • Citric Acid (Anhydrous USP/FCC) Raw Material
    Citric Acid (Anhydrous USP/FCC)
    Raw Material

    Our Citric Acid is derived from corn and sugar beets through natural fermentation, and is GMO free. Citric Acid is an excellent antioxidant and an exfoliant that can be used in a variety of skin care products.

  • Glycerine Vegetable - USP 99.7% - Raw Material
    Glycerine Vegetable - USP 99.7% -
    Raw Material

    Our Kosher Vegetable Glycerine is derived from palm. It has emollient-like properties that smooth and soften the skin and has become one of the most popular cosmetic additives used today!

  • Guar Gum (Cosmetic Grade Thickener) Raw Material
    Guar Gum (Cosmetic Grade Thickener)
    Raw Material

    Guar Gum is a great natural addition to your cosmetics in order to thicken their consistency for that rich and creamy feel.

  • Menthol Crystals Raw Material
    Menthol Crystals
    Raw Material

    Menthol finds diverse applications because of its characteristic aroma, flavour, and its cooling effect. Menthol Crystals can be used in perfumes, cosmetics, balms, lotions, creams, shampoos and conditioners.

  • Silk Amino AcidsSilk Amino Acid
    Silk Amino Acid contains alanine, glycine and serine, which are known to be beneficial to our skin and hair. It is especially good for use in hair care products, as it protects hair from moisture loss and conditions it to make your hair look silky soft.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate (USP #1) Raw Material
    Sodium Bicarbonate (USP #1)
    Raw Material

    Sodium Bicarbonate has water softening, effervescent, and deodorizing properties. It is gentle on the skin and helps to draw out oil and impurities, leaving the skin feeling clean and smooth.

  • Solubilizer (Polysorbate 20) Raw Material
    Solubilizer (Polysorbate 20)
    Raw Material

    Solubiliser is perfect for keeping your product clear and uncloudy. It helps to prevent any separation between your oils in water or alcohol.

  • Stearic Acid (Triple Pressed) Raw Material
    Stearic Acid (Triple Pressed)
    Raw Material

    Our Stearic Acid is a white, flaky fatty acid that is derived from vegetable oils and fats. It is used in the manufacturing of of candles, cosmetics & shaving soaps.When added to soap this ingredient will produce a bar that is harder and that has a more stable lather.

  • Vitamin C - Raw Material
    Vitamin C -
    Raw Material

    Vitamin C is a highly popular antioxidant and is known as a required component in the production of collagen. It is reputed to help reduce the appearance of age spots and is widely used in skin care applications!

  • Vitamin E (USP)Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is known to play an important role in protecting the skin from day-to-day deterioration, including abuse from external environmental elements. It is also used to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Witch Hazel DistillateWitch Hazel
    Witch Hazel is an extract that is known as one of the gentlest facial astringents, making it an excellent toner for skin care formulations. It can also be used as a cleanser on oily complexions. It is frequently used in products like after shave lotions.

  • Zinc Oxide (USP) Raw Material
    Zinc Oxide (USP)
    Raw Material

    Zinc Oxide is frequently used as a thickening agent in cosmetic formulations of creams and lotions, and it enhances the astringent properties in a skin care formulation that create a wonderful soothing effect. 

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