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Discover natural, potent, and ethically sourced essential oils,
carrier oils, cosmetic supplies and more.

Unique skin
deserves unique care.

Everyone's skin is a little different. Whether you're looking to treat dryness, oiliness, or soothe sensitivity, all skin types can benefit from using care products that perfectly match their needs. Discover our collection of natural products and ingredients that can deliver beautiful results.

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A lady applying serum on her face

For texture, tone, and
younger looking skin,
there's Bakuchiol.

Your skincare routine now has an all-natural alternative to retinol. Gentle enough for day or night and suitable for all skin types, Bakuchiol is a vegan plant extract that targets skin cells to promote a more even, supple, and healthy complexion. The best part? It works without causing irritation or dryness, and has been known to even exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial activity.


Cosmetic Bases as Nature Intended

The essential oils you need,
with the lavender you crave.

Better Ways to Beat the Cold

The Essence of New Directions Aromatics

Our purpose is to unleash the power of nature by providing the essential oils market
with natural, organic, and sustainable products. No matter the size of your business,
we pride ourselves on having ingredients and products you can be proud to use.

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Save 15% Off With Code WINTER2024 + an Extra 5% Off Orders $1000 or More.
Save 15% Off With Code WINTER2024 + an Extra 5% Off Orders $1000 or More.
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Save 15% Off With Code WINTER2024 + an Extra 5% Off Orders $1000 or More.

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