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Not everyone has the time or ability to manufacture Cosmetics from scratch. At New Directions Aromatics, we have created a line of top quality Bases to make product formulations an easy process; allowing you to focus on your unique fragrance combinations, coloring, fortifying with extracts & vitamins and of course decorations and your branded packaging.

  • Foaming Bath Butter (Crystal OPC-LP) Cosmetic Base
    Foaming Bath Butter (Crystal OPC-LP)
    Cosmetic Base
    This base provides an entire world of possibilities: whipped into a parfait, colored and layered, as a shaving butter, as a sugar or salt scrub! Easily add essential or fragrant oils, butters, other cream and lotion bases, with this product you are limited only by your imagination!
  • Body ButterBody Butter Base
    Feed your skin with our thick, rich, moisturizing body butter. It penetrates deep to give a nourished and rejuvenated look to the skin without being overly greasy. Also try our Ultra Premium Body Butter!
  • Shampoo BaseShampoo Base
    Everyone raves about our Shampoo Base, see for your self why this is one of our hottest sellers! Leaves your hair shiny, manageable and silky smooth! Also try our popular Ultra Premium Shampoo Base, as well as our SLS Free Shampoo Base.

  • Cream Base with JojobaCream Base with Jojoba
    Another winner! This is a great Cream Base that just needs a touch of your favorite fragrance & raw materials to make it a sure hit with all your customers! Don't forget to try our Ultra Premium Cream Base.
  • Shower GelShower Gel Base
    Get that fresh clean feeling with our amazing Shower Gel, one try of this and you will never go back to commercial brands again! Just add your favorite oils and raw materials and you're set. Also try our SLS Free Shower Gel!
  • Lotion Base with JojobaLotion Base with Jojoba
    Enriched with Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils, our non-greasy Lotion Base is reputed to strengthen skin's natural moisture barrier and add radiance to your skin.

  • Lip Balm Base
    Lip Balm Base

    Long lasting and non-greasy formula leaves your lips moisturized & supple all day! Just add one of our many Flavors for that unique touch.

  • Massage Gel Cosmetic Base (New Formula)
    Massage Gel
    Cosmetic Base (New Formula)

    For that perfect massage nothing compares to our Massage Gel Base! Our bulk sizes and pricing make it a great choice for Massage Therapists and Clinics.

  • Body Wash - NCOBody Wash Base
    Treat your body with our excellent Body Wash, which cleanses, refreshes, and softens the skin without making it dry.

  • Bubble Bath Cosmetic Base (New Formula)
    Bubble Bath
    Cosmetic Base (New Formula)

    Enjoy a luxurious soak in the bath or an invigorating shower with our Bubble Bath Base. Uniquely formulated to be extremely robust, just add your favorite Essential Oil, Fragrant Oil or Botanical Extract to create a truly luxurious product.

  • Conditioner BaseConditioner Base
    Revitalize and recondition your hair with our Creamy Conditioner Base. This moisturizing conditioner provides moisture to dry and dull hair and leaves it feeling soft, silky and shiny. Also try our Ultra Premium Conditioner Base.
  • Facial Cleanser (Mild) Cosmetic Base
    Facial Cleanser (Mild)
    Cosmetic Base

    The best way to cleanse your sensitive skin without any irritation. Our Facial Cleanser provides you with a luxurious lather to gently cleanse and soften the skin without the drying effect. A customer favorite, try it today!

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