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Palm Organic Carrier Oil (Refined)

Palm Organic Carrier Oil (Refined)
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Certified Organics: This Certified Organic Oil is QAI Certified. The National Organic Program develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards for organic agricultural products. The QAI also accredits the certifying agents (foreign and domestic) who inspect organic production and handling operations to certify that they meet USDA standards.

Botanical Name: Elaeis guineensis

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Processing Type: Refined

Obtained From: Fruit

Origin: Colombia

Description: Organic Palm Oil is derived from the fruit of the palm tree. It is semi-solid at room temperature and is considered to be rich in palmitic acid, vitamin E, vitamin K, and magnesium. It is said to be a natural source of antioxidant and works great in soap making.

The manufacturers of our Palm Organic Oil (Refined) have confirmed that they always strive to produce oils from responsible vendors. However, obtaining RSPO certification is an expensive process and if a customer requires a Palm Organic Oil product to be RSPO certified it would need to be special ordered and the premium/fees for certification would need to be paid. This would substantially increase the price of the product. While NDA is a member of the RSPO, we are not allowed to issue documents with RSPO logos and RSPO labels without paying the requisite certification premium and fees.

Color: Clear when liquid, white when solid.

Aromatic Description: Organic Palm Oil has very little scent characteristic of most carrier oils.

Common Uses: Our Organic Palm Oil is refined and is almost exclusively used by cold process soap manufacturers.

Consistency: Semi-solid at room temperatures. Gentle heating is required.

Absorption: Organic Palm Oil will leave an oily feeling on your skin if applied neat.

Shelf Life: Users can expect a shelf life of up to 2 years with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended. Please refer to the Certificate of Analysis for current Best Before Date.

Cautions: None Known.

Storage: It is recommended that cold-pressed carrier oils be kept in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness and achieve maximum shelf life. If refrigerated, bring to room temperature before using.

NOTE: We have a ‘No Return’ policy on any unsealed organic products as per our compliance with the QAI Organic Certification Program.
IMPORTANT: All New Directions Aromatics (NDA) products are for external use only unless otherwise indicated. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or under the care of a medical practitioner. Please refer to our policies for further details, and our disclaimer below.

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Rating: Star
I am always impressed with the products I receive from ND and this one is no different. I am so happy to have a source that is available in Canada, ships quickly and has fantastic customer service.

By: , New Victoria, Nova Scotia
Loyal Customer Since: 01-Apr-2017

Rating: Star
Great price and quality. I will continue to use in my cp soap

By: , Thunder Bay, Ontario
  Top Reviewer
Loyal Customer Since: 04-Nov-2013

Rating: Star
Perfect for my CP soap making, and liquid soap. Great price!

By: , Richmond Hill, Ontario
Loyal Customer Since: 24-Feb-2015

Rating: Star
Like the oil, like the quality and the price..

By: , Calgary, Alberta
  Top Reviewer
Loyal Customer Since: 25-Oct-2014

Rating: Star
it has been performing an amazing job. I love it.

By: , Toronto, Ontario
  Top Reviewer
Loyal Customer Since: 17-Oct-2013

Rating: Star
As a massage student I am constantly trying to find a product that I can use on my patients. I use this product as a massage oil, and my clients and I both find that it leaves the skin feeling soft but not oily. I have had a really great response to it.

By: , Winnipeg, Manitoba
Loyal Customer Since: 05-Apr-2009

With an unwavering commitment to offering the highest quality of products, we firmly believe that Quality Assurance is of utmost importance. It is imperative that meticulous tests, documentation, and certifications are supplied for every product in our portfolio. Our facility is equipped with a laboratory using state-of-the-art gas chromatography to rigorously test the veracity of the purity and potency of our sourced oils. This ensures that you our valued customer are supplied with superior products at all times.
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Palm Organic Carrier Oil (Refined)

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