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Market report image with field of flowers
Market report image with field of flowers


The February 2024 Market Report provides a comprehensive overview of the latest dynamics within the aromatics industry. As the most prominently featured product, Lavender Essential Oil (Bulgarian) is experiencing fluctuating market conditions leading up to its consistent June-July harvest. Citronella Java Essential Oil and Patchouli Dark Essential Oil are both navigating market corrections amidst changing cultivation trends in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Cedarwood Essential Oil (Himalayan) is showcasing positive market demand and conditions. As the only carrier oil featured this month, Tamanu Oil - Virgin (Madagascar) is facing challenges due to the ongoing global economic recession and its unique growing conditions.

Continue reading to stay up to date on the latest industry trends from the experts at New Directions Aromatics.

Lavender Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flowers of the Lavandula angustifolia grown in Bulgaria, for which annual harvest takes place between June and July. The ideal growing conditions for Lavandula angustifolia include sufficient rain fall during the spring and fall and a normal temperature in the winter, although the crop typically hibernates during the winter. Vegetation begins in late spring to avoid frost, thriving best in hot and dry weather during the summer.

Current growing conditions are favorable, although a more accurate forecast will be available during the June and July harvest. The projected harvest yield ranges from 10-80 kg/ha. Market demand for Bulgarian Lavender Oil has been gradually increasing since October 2023, preventing significant price inflation. However, the market conditions have been activated since late 2023, with prices stabilizing at around 40 Euro and occasional deals reaching 50-60 Euro/kg for ISO quality. Availability has decreased due to a 50% reduction in lavender fields in Bulgaria, leading to a significant amount of poor-quality stock.

Citronella Essential Oil Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Cymbopogon winterianus grown in Indonesia. The harvest cycle typically begins with planting during the dry season, taking 4 to 6 months for the grass to reach harvestable height. Multiple harvests occur for the Cymbopogon winterianus, primarily in October/November and March/April. The crop thrives in tropical climates and well-drained soil. The current market for Citronella Java Oil is affected by overproduction in Indonesia during the past 2-3 years, causing a significant drop in prices. Farmers are transitioning to other crops, and the market is expected to correct itself within the next two years. The crop size is approximately 2000MT of oil, with a 1.5% yield of oil.

Patchouli Dark Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Pogostemon cablin grown in the Sumatra and Sulawesi regions. Patchouli undergoes multiple harvests per year, with the main seasons in October/November and March/April. The crop is volatile due to its migrating nature, thriving in tropical climates, volcanic soils and requiring intercropping. Recent challenges in Indonesia include el Nino causing dry conditions, affecting the entire crop. Prices for Patchouli Dark Oil are expected to stabilize by October as farmers increase cultivation due to attractive prices. The oil production is approximately 1200MT, with a 1% yield of oil.

Cedarwood Essential Oil is steam distilled from the wood of the Cedrus deodora tree grown in India. Harvested throughout the year in Himachal Pradesh, the Cedarwood tree grows best in well-drained soils and colder weather conditions.

Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil is experiencing favorable growing conditions and a projected harvest yield that is higher than that of the previous year. The market demand and conditions for this oil are both positive, and the oil remains in significant demand. For more information on the market conditions for Cedarwood Essential Oil, view this video.

Tamanu Carrier Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Calophyllum Inophyllum grown in Madagascar. Harvested from September to November, the ideal weather conditions for Tamanu include a tropical climate. The crop also thrives in light, medium, and heavy texture soils. Tamanu Carrier Oil is experiencing low demand due to the ongoing global economic recession. The growing conditions are currently favorable as the wild plant remains plentiful.

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Save 10% Off With Code REVIVE2024 + an Extra 5% Off Orders of $1000 or More.
Save 10% Off With Code REVIVE2024 + an Extra 5% Off Orders of $1000 or More.
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