• HOW TO MAKE CANDLESHOW TO MAKE CANDLESCandles that are less harmful to health than those in stores can now be created for a fraction of retail prices!
  • GUIDE TO SOAP-MAKING GUIDE TO SOAP-MAKING Melt and Pour soap allows for countless variations of artistic effects that can be achieved with additives!
  • NATURAL MOISTURIZERSNATURAL MOISTURIZERSAdding essential oils to DIY emollients contributes to psychological and physiological well-being.
  • HAND HYGIENEHAND HYGIENEGood hand hygiene not only supports the health and wellbeing of everyone, it also works to prevent illnesses. Discover all you need to know about having safe, clean hands and how to choose the right products for your personal regimen.
  • EVERYTHING ABOUT COSMETIC GMPEVERYTHING ABOUT COSMETIC GMPNo matter how small your cosmetic business is, GMP helps establish good quality assurance practices that lead to better business and brand confidence. Discover the fundamental principles of GMP, the regulations surrounding it, and the role of ISO 22716.
  • BLENDING AND DILUTING ESSENTIAL OILSBLENDING AND DILUTING ESSENTIAL OILSEssential oils make wonderful additions to massage blends and cosmetic formulations, but they must be handled with care to ensure safe and comfortable use. Learn about the importance of diluting essential oils and how to do it effectively.
  • PHOTOTOXICITY AND SAFETY USING ESSENTIAL OILSPHOTOTOXICITY AND SAFETY USING ESSENTIAL OILSCold-Pressed Citrus Oils contain constituents that can trigger a reaction in the skin when exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays. Discover Essential Oils that pose a risk of Phototoxicity and the safest ways to use them in the summertime.
  • NATURAL ALTERNATIVES FOR PETROLEUM JELLYNATURAL ALTERNATIVES FOR PETROLEUM JELLYDiscover the history of Petroleum Jelly, how it became a staple in households, the potential side effects, as well as natural alternatives that are gentle on the skin, the hair, and the environment.
  • PERFUME SCENTS IN FAVORITE FRAGRANCESPERFUME SCENTS IN FAVORITE FRAGRANCESScent has a powerful way of pulling an outfit together and leaving an impression when we walk into any room. Discover the most common scents in perfumes and fragrances, and how to replicate your favorite scents to create your own unique signature scent.
  • GLYCERIN SOAPGLYCERIN SOAPGlycerine Soap is a customizable and versatile soap base that has been a staple in soap-making for centuries for its moisturizing properties. Learn more to create your own glycerin soap bars.
  • INNOVATION IN AROMATICSINNOVATION IN AROMATICSMeet Nidhy Rammohan, Manager of Research and Development, through our exclusive interview. Learn more about her invaluable insights and experiences working in aromatics.
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