• AROMATHERAPYAROMATHERAPYIntroduce yourself to the enticing world of aromatherapy.
  • HOW ESSENTIAL OILS ARE MADEHOW ESSENTIAL OILS ARE MADEEver wonder how essential oils are made? Find out how essential oils are actually extracted from plant materials.
  • AROMATHERAPY MASSAGEAROMATHERAPY MASSAGEThis massage method incorporates essential oils to help relieve medical conditions or to preserve wellness.
  • HOW TO STORE ESSENTIAL OILS TO MAXIMIZE OIL LIFEHOW TO STORE ESSENTIAL OILS TO MAXIMIZE OIL LIFEAn Essential Oil’s shelf life fluctuates significantly depending on various factors, including the way in which the user bottles, stores, and handles the oil. Discover how to properly care for Essential Oils in order to benefit from their optimal quality!
  • ESSENTIAL OIL PURITYESSENTIAL OIL PURITYWhat exactly is a ‘pure’ essential oil? Can we reliably identify essential oil adulterations? In this article, we attempt to clarify these common concerns and also clear the air of some of the most widely-held myths regarding essential oil purity.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS FOR HOPE, HEALING, AND HAPPINESSESSENTIAL OILS FOR HOPE, HEALING, AND HAPPINESSDuring troubling times, we may commonly experience arising feelings of confusion, fear, sadness, loneliness, and dejection. Discover how pure essential oils can help you cope with a healing mindset while inspiring a positive, spirited, relaxed mood.
  • ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDINGESSENTIAL OIL BLENDINGBlending essential oils is a highly rewarding activity. In this in-depth guide, we cover the creative, intuitive, and reflective process of making your very own balanced, harmonious essential oil blends.
  • AROMATHERAPY RECIPES FOR RELAXATIONAROMATHERAPY RECIPES FOR RELAXATIONSince the 1900s, aromatherapists have made use of the enticing aromas of essential oils to improve psychological well-being. Discover how simple aromatherapy recipes can bring about a profound sense of calm and deeply relax your mind, spirit, and body.
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