• FRAGRANCES THAT ARE ‘ON THE NOSE’FRAGRANCES THAT ARE ‘ON THE NOSE’“Fragrance Oil” is sometimes understood to be a synonym for “Essential Oil,” but there are several differences between these two distinct types of oils. Discover more about the production of these scents and explore their various potential uses!
  • TOP 10 TROPICAL-INSPIRED FRAGRANCESTOP 10 TROPICAL-INSPIRED FRAGRANCESDiscover NDA’s top 10 most popular tropical-inspired fragrance oils! From sweet-fruity to intense-earthy aroma profiles, these irresistible Fragrance Oils will be a perfect fit for your season-inspired soaps, candles, and cosmetics.
  • SUCCESSFUL FRAGRANCE SELECTION FOR COSMETICSSUCCESSFUL FRAGRANCE SELECTION FOR COSMETICSDiscover the most important factors in fragrance selection (including marketing and technical factors) that every cosmetics, skincare, haircare, or personal care brand should consider for successful sales and an outstanding consumer experience!
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