• DIY MAKEUP REMOVER RECIPES WITH NATURAL MOISTURIZERSDIY MAKEUP REMOVER RECIPES WITH NATURAL MOISTURIZERSDiscover NDA’s mild yet effective natural moisturizers for all skin types as well as simple DIY recipes that incorporate them for gentler, faster, and more affordable makeup removal that produces safer and healthier results.
  • DIY CREAMS & LOTIONSDIY CREAMS & LOTIONSTopical moisturizing can provide effective relief for dry skin on hands. Discover the causes behind dry hands, the top cosmetic ingredients that can soothe dry hands, and learn how to make your own DIY hand creams and hand lotions!
  • DIY CHRISTMAS CANDLE GIFT IDEASDIY CHRISTMAS CANDLE GIFT IDEASThe holidays are the perfect time to light cozy and warm candles that are scented with the earthy, spicy, and sweet aromas of Christmas. Discover festive and aromatic candle recipes, as well as unique decorations that are sure to bedazzle any home.
  • DIY CHRISTMAS SOAP RECIPESDIY CHRISTMAS SOAP RECIPESHandmade soaps make a charming and thoughtful gift during the holidays. Create holiday-inspired soaps using Melt & Pour Soap Bases and additives like essential oils, colorants, herbs, and butter, and find creative ways to wrap your handmade gifts.
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