• TOP 10 BENEFITS OF NATURAL SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERSTOP 10 BENEFITS OF NATURAL SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERSWhat does it mean when shampoo and conditioner bases are “natural?” What are the main benefits of using natural shampoo and natural conditioner bases? Discover the answers to these and other FAQs!
  • MAKING ALL-NATURAL SHAMPOOSMAKING ALL-NATURAL SHAMPOOSMaking an effective all-natural shampoo requires careful consideration of raw materials and significant expertise in formulation. Discover how easy it is to create your own luxurious all-natural shampoos using our innovative Premium Shampoo Base!
  • ESSENTIAL OILS FOR HAIRESSENTIAL OILS FOR HAIREssential oils are popular in both traditional and commercial hair care due to their nourishing properties and enticing natural scents. Discover how six popular essential oils can impact hair rejuvenation and health in different hair types. 
  • BEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR HEALTHY HAIRBEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR HEALTHY HAIRAs many companies shift their image and formulations to meet the demand for natural skin and hair care, it is important to know what the best natural ingredients for the hair are. Discover the best natural ingredients to achieve healthy hair and scalp!
  • THE STORY OF THE BEARD STRUGGLETHE STORY OF THE BEARD STRUGGLEThe Beard Struggle has captured the essence of grooming excellence since its establishment in 2014. New Directions Aromatics is proud to be their business partner. Learn more about The Beard Struggle through our exclusive interview with Harjeet Babber.
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