A chemist holding test tubes filled with liquid substance and petri dish with substance. A chemist holding test tubes filled with liquid substance and petri dish with substance.


In the ever-changing world of personal care and aromatic sciences, there are visionaries whose unwavering passion and dedication drive innovation, transforming everyday beauty routines into enriching experiences. This month, we are thrilled to unveil a behind-the-scenes glimpse of one such luminary and introduce you to our very own Nidhy Rammohan, Manager of Research and Development at New Directions Aromatics. With a plethora of knowledge and profound expertise in chemistry, coupled with her dedication to personal care product development, Nidhy is at the forefront of charting unexplored territories in the aromatics industry.

Nidhy took time out of her busy schedule to answer a series of questions about her career, her inspirations, her commitment to sustainability, and her visions for the future of R&D at NDA. From her academic background in chemistry to her recommendations for those aspiring to follow in her footsteps, Nidhy provides a unique window into the world of Research and Development in the aromatics industry. Her journey is a testament to the intersection of science and passion, and her contributions to NDA reflect the limitless potential of dedication and innovation. Continue reading to learn more about Nidhy Rammohan, her insights and experiences in the Research and Development department, and what fuels her enthusiasm about the future of her work.

Vanessa Butera: Nidhy, we are so excited to showcase you this month. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and describe the work you do at New Directions Aromatics (NDA)? Also include an unusual or unique fact about yourself.
Nidhy Rammohan: I have acquired a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, followed by a master's degree in applied chemistry with focus on Oils, Fats and Aromatics. Subsequently, I obtained a Master of Philosophy degree in Organic Synthesis, followed by a Ph. D in Advanced Materials and Process Technology. My academic journey has equipped me with a profound understanding of materials used in cosmetics, enabling me to make significant contributions to the field of Research & Development.


Research and Development Manager at NDA


Vanessa Butera: How did you discover your passion? Were you always interested in pursuing personal care product development?
Nidhy Rammohan: I discovered my passion for personal care product development through a combination of education and personal interest. As I learned more about materials and their impact on skincare and personal care products, I realized that it was this field where I could merge my scientific knowledge with my passion. This realization propelled me to pursue a career in the cosmetic industry.

Vanessa Butera: What do you love the most about your job?
Nidhy Rammohan: What I love the most about my job is the opportunity to innovate and formulate products that can make a positive impact in people's lives. It is incredibly rewarding to witness a concept come to life and evolved into a product that our customers love.

Vanessa Butera: Tell us about the developing stages of a new product. How does the product go from being a concept to being on the website and ready to buy? Where do you draw inspiration from?
Nidhy Rammohan: Developing a new product involves several stages, starting with ideation and market research that focuses on consumer needs and emerging trends. Following this, we proceed to formulation, testing and quality assurance. Once a product meets our rigorous standards, it advances packaging design, marketing, and finally product launch.

Vanessa Butera: What product(s) are you working on now that you are most excited about?
Nidhy Rammohan:


Currently I am thrilled about our ongoing projects focused on bio-actives and eco-friendly luxury skin care lines. These products are not only effective but also environmentally responsible, which aligns with the increasing demand for sustainable cosmetic products.


Vanessa Butera: Describe the most challenging project you have worked on. In a constantly evolving industry like ours, how do you and your team remain adaptable and ready to respond to ever-changing demands and trends?
Nidhy Rammohan: The most challenging project we undertook was developing a range of SPA products for a rapidly changing market. To remain adaptable, we continuously monitored trends, consumer feedback and collaborated closely with suppliers. Adaptability and a commitment to staying ahead of industry changes were key to our success.

Vanessa Butera: Collaboration is often crucial in R&D. Could you discuss how your team collaborates with other departments or external partners to drive innovation?
Nidhy Rammohan: Collaboration is essential to R&D for innovative activities. Internally, R&D works closely with various departments within the company, including marketing, sales, purchasing, and quality control. This cross functional collaboration ensures that our products not only meet market demands but also maintain high standards of quality & safety. Externally, we frequently partner with suppliers and experts in the field of cosmetics. These collaborations provide valuable insights into new ingredients and technologies. Additionally, we maintain close connection with regulatory organizations and stay up to date with any changes in regulation.

Vanessa Butera: What can you tell us about the collaboration between R&D and clients? How do you work with them to create successful cosmetic products that not only align with market trends but also meet their specific needs and preferences?
Nidhy Rammohan: The collaboration between R&D team and clients is a key aspect of our success. We maintain open lines of communication to thoroughly understand their objectives, target demographics, and their unique brand identities. By actively involving them in the product development process, we ensure that our products are in line with current market trends and meet customers expectations.

Vanessa Butera: Sustainability is something that consumers value a lot when purchasing new products. How do you prioritize sustainability when creating new product formulations?
Nidhy Rammohan: Absolutely, sustainability is a top priority in our product development process. We are committed to minimizing environmental footprint by sourcing eco-friendly ingredients. Our goal is to create cosmetic products that not only meet the highest standards of quality and performance, but also align with consumers growing concern for the planet.

Vanessa Butera: Is there one piece of advice that has shaped and influenced your career the most so far? Please share what it is and why it has been helpful for you.
Nidhy Rammohan: One invaluable piece of advice that has shaped my career is to "never stop learning and always follow your passion". This guidance serves as an excellent compass for navigating one's work and the long journey to success.

Vanessa Butera: What NDA products do you use in your everyday life that you would recommend people to add to their routines?
Nidhy Rammohan: While I have a deep appreciation for all the cosmetic products we've developed, one line that I personally adore and highly recommend for a daily skin care routine is the NatureFX complete line. This line includes a cleanser, scrub, toner, and face cream, providing a comprehensive skincare regimen. I believe anyone looking for a natural and effective skin care routine would greatly benefit from incorporating these products into their everyday life.

Vanessa Butera: What advice do you have for a younger person who'd like to have a similar career as yours?
Nidhy Rammohan: Maintain curiousity about the science behind cosmetics and never stop learning. A solid foundation in science, coupled with a passion for beauty and wellness, will serve as your guiding light on this rewarding career path.

Vanessa Butera: What plans or ideas for the future do you currently have, as it pertains to R&D?
Nidhy Rammohan: Looking to the future of R&D, one exciting avenue we're exploring is customization. Our goal is to provide tailored skincare solutions that cater to individual needs and preferences. This initiative is in line with our commitment to innovation and meeting the demands of consumers in the cosmetic industry.




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