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The following report contains updates on the current trends in production and availability of the most in-demand Essential Oils and Raw Materials sourced from around the globe.

Eucalyptus Globulus Oil

In the Yunnan Province, prices for Eucalyptus remain firm even with the new and ongoing devaluation of the Chinese currency. Compared to last year's crop, this year's projected harvest yield is a lot lower and in more demand. The demand is expected to pick up in the next two to three months and we recommend that customers stock up in the meantime.

Chamomile Roman Oil

Despite the continuing shortages from the previous two unsuccessful crops, this year's crop has slightly improved. It is currently unclear whether the growing conditions of May, June, and July will be favorable, as they are weather-dependent. If the weather is normal, the projected harvest yield is almost the same as last year's crop. The demand has gradually increased in the recent years with an estimated sale increase of about 2 tonnes.

Chamomile Morocco Oil

Growing conditions for this product is normal, and the projected harvest yield is the same as last year's crop. The demand is firm but there is no stock from the 2016 crop. Many buyers' demands were not met with the 2016 production. Due to high demand and a shortage in production, it is likely that there will be an increase in price.

Coconut Oil

The yield for Refined Organic Coconut Carrier Oil went down in early 2017. Although the prices have declined from what they were in January and February, the demands are fluctuating as buyers are also moving with the price changes.

Cocoa Butter

Although there is a lingering threat of hot weather that could potentially hurt the harvest throughout several regions in the Ivory Coast, most cocoa growing regions have been seeing light, scattered rain and sunshine, which will help the cocoa mid-crop between April and September. In the Ivory Coast, home to world's top cocoa producer, the dry season commences from mid-November to March. February and March are usually the hottest months, scarcely getting any downpour. Due to favorable weather conditions this season, a production of nearly 2 million tonnes has been predicted; however, according to farmers, at least one downpour per week would be required for cocoa pods to grow while there is still heat, as it makes the water evaporate quickly from the soil.

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