• Foaming Bath Butter (Crystal OPC) is a unique and versatile cosmetic base with many luxurious bath and body care applications. It is predominantly used to make foaming whipped soaps and whipped scrubs.

  • The base is made from mild surfactants that create a rich lather and is also rich in Glycerine for extra hydration. The formulation is pH-optimized and can be used for facial, hair, and body care products.

  • Easy to use and extremely robust, Foaming Bath Butter (Crystal OPC) can simply be whipped cold to reach the desired consistency. During the whipping process, various additives can be incorporated for easy personalized creations. The end product can be made dense and creamy, or light and airy depending on the application.




Our Foaming Bath Butter (Crystal OPC) is a popular cosmetic base ideal for the preparation of whipped soap, shaving cream, whipped scrubs, body polishes, soap frosting, and many other bath and body applications. Composed of Glycerine and gentle surfactants, the bath butter base creates a rich, delicate foam that cleanses effectively while soothing the skin with its conditioning properties.

The formulation has a decadent, buttery consistency that can be whipped cold to create luxurious and customized soap, bath, and shower products. Mild, non-irritating, and kind to sensitive skin, it also has a low pH (5.5) that makes it suitable for facial cleansing and scrub applications. The base can be whipped and used as is, or it can incorporate a diverse range of additives, including fragrance, color, and exfoliants, for endless delightful customizations.




The Foaming Bath Butter cosmetic base is sourced from Stephenson Personal Care and offers ease of use, flexibility, and high performance for cosmetic formulators and handcrafters. The main benefits include:

  • Thick and creamy consistency - Unlike other bath butter bases which may be thinner or runnier in consistency, Stephenson's Foaming Bath Butter is incredibly dense and luscious. It whips to create soft, velvety soaps or scrubs that can be marketed as luxury products.

  • No heating required - The base can be whipped cold, so there is no need to spend time heating. Alternatively, it can be melted and poured into the desired mold, or even blended with other Melt & Pour cosmetic bases.

  • Robust formula - The base can hold up to 5% of Fragrance Oils or Essential Oils (a 2-3% load is recommended however for optimal scent and performance). Other additives that can be added include carrier oils, butter, clays, and botanical extracts.

  • No harsh sulfates and pH balanced - A mild cleansing formulation, the base does not lead to over-drying nor does it strip the skin and hair off of its natural oils. Balanced for an optimal pH of 5.5, it protects the skin's natural acid mantle and can be used to make facial cleansers.

  • Exceptionally hydrating - The base is rich in humectant ingredients including Glycerine and Sorbitol that leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized while looking dewy.

  • Free from Parabens and Propylene Glycol - Safe for both the body and environment, it helps your products stand out from those that use more conventional ingredients.




You will need the following basic equipment to create your customized Foaming Bath Butter:

  • Digital scale
  • Stand mixer or hand blender
  • Knife and cutting board
  • Gloves
  • Spoon
  • Spatula
  • Sizeable mixing bowl
  • Empty glass jar, tub, or soap mold
  • Piping bag (optional)

The most popular way to use the Bath Butter Base is to whip it while cold and customize using preferred additives. However, it can also be melted and poured like other M&P soap bases which will yield a firmer, non-whipped soap product. Both methods are shown below:

Instructions (No Heat Method):

  1. Using a knife or spoon, break up the Foaming Bath Butter base into smaller chunks for easy mixing.
  2. Whip the butter on a low speed to start off with. Slowly increase the speed and mix until the butter becomes smooth and creamy; the base will gently start billowing and expanding in volume.
  3. Add in your Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil, and fold it in using a spatula.
  4. Add in a colorant of your choice, plus any other desired additives.
  5. Continue to whip for a maximum of 60 minutes or until the desired consistency is reached. The more the base is whipped, the more lightweight and airy it will get. Take care not to over-mix it as the base could deflate and collapse; a good guideline is to not expand the base to more than double its volume.
  6. Using a spoon or piping bag, carefully transfer the whipped product into a glass jar, cup, or container of your choice. If using a piping bag, ensure it is paired with a wide enough nozzle to easily decant the creamy mixture.

Instructions (Melt & Pour Method):

  1. Using a double boiler or water bath, gently warm up the Foaming Bath Butter base until it starts to melt.
  2. Once liquified, immediately remove from the heat source. Overheating can affect the integrity of this formulation.
  3. Once the base is relatively cool, pour in your fragrance, colorant, and other desired additives.
  4. Stir well and directly pour into a jar or a silicone soap mold. Allow the mixture to set at room temperature.


  • We recommend cutting across and using an entire cross-section of the block, rather than scooping the base just from the top layers. This is because the product will naturally become more viscous towards the bottom of the container.
  • Sugar and salt exfoliants can be added at a maximum of 60%. A 1:1 ratio for the cosmetic base and exfoliant is recommended.
  • Carrier Oils and Botanical Butters can be incorporated at a maximum of 12.5% for additional conditioning.
  • This cosmetic base already comes pre-preserved. However, if a significant amount of other ingredients are added (such as Carrier Oils, Butters, or Floral Waters), it may require an additional broad-spectrum preservative.
  • Store your creations in a cool place away from moisture and humidity for optimal shelf life.




Stephenson's Foaming Bath Butter (Crystal OPC) can be used in many creative soap-based products for the face, hair, and body. Here are some ideas:


Unlike conventional soaps, whipped soap has a light, airy, mousse-like consistency that is reminiscent of whipped cream. They may also be sold as 'whipped foaming bath butter', 'body souffle', or 'cream soap'. Whipped soap has gentle cleansing and foaming properties while also moisturizing the skin. Its silky, luxurious texture and appearance has made it incredibly popular as a soap and bath product, especially amongst cosmetic handcrafters. It is particularly good for sensitive or dry skin, and there are endless ways to customize it by adding your desired additives.



Through the addition of exfoliants such as sugar, salt, Jojoba Beads, Apricot Shells, ground Loofah, or Pumice, the Foaming Bath Butter Base can easily become a gentle foaming body scrub that leaves skin radiant and moisturized. If using sugar or salts, it is recommended that a 1:1 ratio is used for the exfoliant and butter base. Keep in mind that sugars and salts can also dissolve in the base; the key is to add a sufficient amount to achieve a saturated solution that does not allow the solute to dissolve further, at which point the exfoliating qualities will emerge.

Clays, Essential Oils, and moisturizing Carrier Oils or Butters can also be incorporated to make the scrub even more pampering.



A body conditioner is a thick, moisturizing, rinse-off formulation that is applied on the skin to restore lost oils and hydration during showering. It can be used by all skin types, but is particularly useful for those who suffer from dry skin. For some, the use of a body conditioner in the shower can negate the need to apply an additional body lotion. The Foaming Bath Butter Base can be incorporated with nourishing butter and essential oils and whipped for a shorter time to achieve the thick, cream-like consistency that will work wonderfully as a rich body conditioner. Use as you would a hair conditioner: spread a generous dollop over the cleansed body, leave on for a few minutes, and then wash off with lukewarm water before patting dry.



This cosmetic base can function as a decadent foaming face cleanser or face wash that is mild and gentle on the skin. It will dislodge makeup, dirt, and excess oils and the high Glycerine content helps make the skin soft and smooth. The ideal carrier oils to incorporate into the Foaming Bath Butter Base for face care applications will be light and non-comedogenic oils such as Jojoba Oil or Grapeseed Oil. Soothing additives such as Colloidal Oatmeal, Floral Waters (Hydrosols), or Aloe Vera Gel Juice can be added for refreshing the skin during cleansing; exfoliating Botanical Extracts such as Ginkgo Biloba Leaf or White Willow Bark can also help further soften the skin texture.

If using physical exfoliants, ensure that these ingredients will not irritate the face. Salts, for instance, while gentle on the body can be too abrasive for face care. Ideal exfoliants include Jojoba Beads or Rolled Oats.



Once whipped, the Foaming Bath Butter Base can be used as a delicious and hydrating shaving cream for the face or body. Clays, Essential Oils, and moisturizing Carrier Oils or Butters can also be incorporated to make the shaving soap even more pampering. Some ideas include Kaolin Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and Vitamin E-Liquid.



Due to the use of gentle surfactants and conditioning agents, the Foaming Bath Butter Base can be made into a mild hydrating and pH-balanced shampoo. When applied to the scalp and massaged, the luxurious foam produced will help clear up excess oils, dirt, and other build-ups while avoiding the excessive dryness and brittleness caused by sulfate shampoos. If whipped to a thicker, heavier consistency and mixed with hydrating oils and butter, the base can also function as a deep conditioner. As different hair types can respond differently to a milder foaming formulation, it is important to see how your own hair (or a specific hair type) could benefit from such a shampoo. Try adding hair-optimized additives such as Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, and Rosemary Essential Oil to further customize this cosmetic base for hair care applications.



The Foaming Bath Butter can be used to make colored frosting or toppings to decorate your soaps and bath bombs. To make soap frosting, whip the base once your Fragrance Oil and colorant is added until you reach a texture that is not too flimsy (or it will not stabilize on your soap) but is not too thick either (or it will be difficult to pipe). Transfer the mixture to a piping bag, decorate the soap or bath bomb as desired, and allow to set. Keep in mind the texture of this soap frosting will remain fluffy and creamy.




This heavenly sugar scrub reminiscent of lemon whipped cream is perfect for polishing the skin's surface to reveal refreshed, luminous skin. It features sugar for gentle body exfoliation and Kaolin Clay (White Cosmetic Clay) to help bring out impurities. It is naturally scented with the citrus notes of our Cellulite Synergy Blend, which incorporates nourishing Essential Oils including Grapefruit, Cedarwood, and Lemon to tone and target uneven textures. Nature Tint soap colorants are used to add a beautiful light lemonish hue to this decadent shower cream.

The following recipe will make approximately 1 kg (2.1 lbs) of whipped scrub. Due to its thickness, it is best packaged in a jar.

Foaming Bath Butter (Crystal OPC) 454 g ( 16 oz. )
White Sugar 454 g ( 16 oz. )
Cellulite Synergy Blend 4.5 mL ( 0.152 fl. oz. )
Kaolin Clay 45 g ( 0.53 oz. )
Lemon Yellow Nature Tint 1-2 drops

Instructions: Slice the Butter Base into small chunks and place inside your mixing bowl, followed by adding in the sugar. Measure and pour in the Essential Oil blend. Start mixing on a low setting to help the sugar and oils get evenly incorporated into the base. Next, add in the Kaolin Clay and use a spatula to fold into the mixture. Whip, slowly increasing the speed of your mixer until a smooth, fluffy, and creamy consistency is formed, ensuring the base does not expand to more than double its volume. At this point add in your colorant drop by drop while mixing, until your desired shade is achieved. Spoon or pipe into a jar or container of your choice.



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As with all other New Directions Aromatics products, all products listed in this article are for external use only. It is imperative to consult a medical practitioner before using them for therapeutic purposes, especially if one is pregnant or nursing. These products should always be stored in an area that is inaccessible to children, especially those under the age of 7.

Those with the following health conditions are especially recommended to be advised by a physician: cancer, heart-related ailments, skin disorders or allergies, hormone-related ailments, or epilepsy. Individuals that are taking prescription drugs, undergoing major surgery, or who are at a greater risk of experiencing strokes, heart attacks, or atherosclerosis are also advised to seek medical consultation prior to use.

Prior to using any Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil, a skin test is recommended. This can be done by diluting 1 drop of the Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil in 4 drops of a Carrier Oil and applying a dime-size amount of this blend to a small area of skin that is not sensitive. Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils must never be used near the eyes, inner nose, and ears, or on any other particularly sensitive areas of skin. Potential side effects of Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils, especially with long-term exposure and improper handling, include redness, rash, hives, burning, bleeding disorders, low blood pressure, dizziness, headache, nausea, diarrhea, convulsions, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, coughing, cramps, vomiting, itching, chaffing, rapid heartbeat, cancer, lung and/or heart disease, and brain damage. In the event of an allergic reaction, discontinue use of the products and see a doctor, pharmacist, or allergist immediately for a health assessment and appropriate remedial action. To prevent side effects, consult with a medical professional prior to use.

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