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The time that is required to create natural cosmetics from scratch is not available to everyone; hence, NDA offers a line of high-grade moisturizing cosmetic bases to enable users to easily formulate individual and personlized natural products that can be enhanced with preferred colorants, botanical extracts, vitamins, unique scents, decorative elements, and personal brands of packaging.

NDA’s conditioning and soothing cosmetic bases are made from some of nature’s finest ingredients to contribute long-lasting hydration and nourishment, making them ideal for use in formulations for high-quality customized moisturizers, including creams, lotions, and massage products. Read on to learn more about each type of moisturizing cosmetic base and determine which one is the best fit for your cosmetic needs. Each moisturizing cosmetic base is free of genetically-modified ingredients, parabens, pesticides, solvents, and phthalates.



Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Fragrance Oils, Colorants, Exfoliants, and Butters are a few of the additives that can be added to these cosmetics bases for natural skincare formulas. The total of all additives combined should not exceed 1-2% of the total volume.

Exceeding the recommended amounts of natural additives could destabilize bonds between the ingredients. Over time this can cause the base to lose some of its luxurious properties, including viscosity, smoothness, and rate of absorption.



Essential Oils

Essential Oils work to enhance the skin’s hydration, firmness, strength, resilience, smoothness, and general health.

The exact effects depend on the specific oils that are chosen for the formulation.

Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils work to nourish and gently but deeply condition the skin to promote smoothness and to enhance overall skin health. Many are reputed to help firm and tone as well as enhance natural radiance.

Carrier Oils also provide products with improved spreadability for easier application.

Absolute Oils

Absolute Oils have highly-concentrated fragrances that impart strong, rich aromas.

Nature Identical Essential Oils

Nature Identical Essential Oils are blends of natural Essential Oils and aromatic compounds.

They provide an identical aroma for cosmetics, soaps, and candles at a fraction of the cost, making them great alternatives to pure Essential Oils.

3% Dilutions

NDA’s 3% Dilutions are made by diluting 3% of premium Absolutes in Golden Jojoba Carrier Oil.

3% Dilutions are the most economical way to experience the benefits of rare and exotic Absolutes.

Herbal Oils

Herbal Oils are Carrier Oils infused with herbs. The final product has the properties of both the Carrier Oil and the herb.

Floral Waters

Floral Waters are blends of distilled water, fragrant Essential Oils, and Absolutes.

In cosmetic formulations, they can replace water or be used as fragrance agents. They can also function independently as deodorants, facial spritzer toners, or as cooling agents.

Synergy Blends

Synergy Blends are oil fusions that result from intermixing several pure, natural, and highly-concentrated Essential Oils. The new combination of constituents creates a unique chemical composition, resulting in a distinctly individual and extraordinary oil. The structures of these original blends make them more potent than the individual oils they comprise.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils are synthetically compounded to offer rich, complex, and long-lasting scents. They are specifically formulated for skin and hair care formulations, though many are suitable for use in soaps and candles.


Nature Tint Colours,

Nature Tint colors are high-quality, water-based color additives that are specially formulated for cosmetic applications. They are dispersed in purified water and preserved with a natural preservative.

Micas are fine mineral powders that can be used to reflect light and create a pearlescent effect on skin. Commonly used in mineral make up, they are also ideal for white cosmetic bases, such as lotions, creams and body butters. Our beautiful micas will suspend within the solution resulting in a shimmering finish. NDA’s Micas are European Cosmetic & FDA approved, ensuring that they are safe to use on the face and around the eyes.


Exfoliants work to remove dry, dead, flaking cells from the skin’s top layer, allowing new skin to surface. They smooth the skin, stimulate the production of new collagen, and might help improve the appearance of fine lines and mild acne.


Butters help to nourish, smoothe, and generally improve the look and feel of dry, thirsty skin with their natural oils, proteins, and fatty acids.

Botanical & Fruit Extracts

These powdered extracts are rich sources of vitamins and antioxidants. They help to nourish, hydrate, soften, smoothe, tighten, tone, cleanse, brighten, soothe, balance, strengthen, and protect the skin.


NDA’s vegetable-based waxes help to emulsify oil-in-water suspensions in cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and lotions, helping to increase the thickness and richness of their formulas.



This luxurious, creamy, white lotion base is enriched with Sweet Almond and Jojoba oils, which help to strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier and to promote the complexion’s radiance. It has been specifically formulated to remain stable with the inclusion of additives, which means the oil and water components will not separate. This cruelty-free cosmetic base does not contain Palm ingredients, is Kosher-certified, and is suitable for vegans.



This body moisturizer’s satiny texture allows it to easily spread across and penetrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky-smooth to the touch. It has been carefully formulated to be extremely robust for complex customizations and to be receptive to various additives. This base is free of Palm ingredients, Gluten, SLS, and fragrances. It is Kosher-certified, cruelty-free, and suitable for vegans.



This thick, rich, moisturizing, natural body butter base penetrates deeply to nourish the skin without being overly greasy, leaving it looking rejuvenated. This base does not contain Palm ingredients or Gluten and is cruelty-free.



This rich base can be used on the entire body for intensive moisture that is ideal for nourishing and hydrating parched and mature skin types. It is easy to spread onto the skin and is quickly absorbed without any sticky residue. Made with various natural ingredients, this base is also free of SLS, parabens, and Gluten. Despite being carefully formulated with some of the mildest ingredients, it is robust and well-suited to complex customization, making it exceptionally receptive to various additives. This base is free of Palm ingredients, Gluten, and SLS. It is Kosher-certified and cruelty-free.



This luxurious cream base is paraben-free and has been fortified with Sweet Almond and Jojoba oils, which provide profound and long-lasting moisture that works to protect and soften even the driest of skin. This robust formulation can be customized with various additives. This base is free of Palm ingredients, and Gluten. It is Vegan and Kosher certified and cruelty-free.



This rich, luxuriously creamy moisturizer is formulated to exhibit an easy spread to “melt” onto the skin and penetrate quickly, leaving it feeling soft and silky-smooth without a sticky residue. Made from some of the most natural and mildest ingredients, this base is free of Gluten and SLS. Its robust formulation is able to support complex customizations with the addition of various additives. It is Kosher certified and cruelty-free.



The light yet richly-creamy texture of this deluxe eye cream base allows for an exceptionally easy slip across the skin and is specifically formulated to be fast-absorbing. Enriched with Marigold Extract – which is reputed to exhibit antioxidant properties and to soothe minor burns, abrasions, blemishes, and blemishes – this base helps to soothe the delicate skin of the under-eye area, working to reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles. This base is free of Palm ingredients, Gluten, and SLS. It is Kosher certified, cruelty-free, and suitable for vegans.



This hydrating formula is made with Beeswax as well as nourishing, vitamin-rich oils, including Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Fractionated Oil, Hempseed Oil, and Vitamin E USP, which moisturize and generally support the health of dry lips, while contributing a transparent and soft sheen. This robust base is formulated to support the addition of botanical extracts and various natural raw materials.



This authentic massage treatment base is specifically formulated to glide smoothly across the skin to impart a cooling, soothing, refreshing effect on tired skin and to allow for easy and comfortable over-all massage. Its robustness makes it easy to add Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, botanical extracts, and various raw materials to customize the formulation. This base is free of Palm ingredients and Gluten. It is Kosher certified, cruelty-free, and suitable for vegans.

IMPORTANT: All New Directions Aromatics (NDA) products are for external use only unless otherwise indicated. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or under the care of a medical practitioner. Please refer to our policies for further details, and our disclaimer below.

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