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The following report contains updates on the current trends in production and availability of the most in-demand Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, and Raw Materials sourced from around the globe.

Orange Sweet Organic Oil

In the USA, Oranges are harvested year-round; however, citrus greening disease has brought the current harvest yield down. Processors are expected to commence with the production of Orange Oil and d-Limonene approximately around January 2019. While Orange Oil prices remained firm for some time, the oil market has been negatively impacted by the lack of demand as well as the recurrent price reductions for d-Limonene and Terpenes.

Orange Sweet Oil

In Brazil, Oranges are harvested from June to December or January. Weather conditions in the past two months have been conducive to the growth of oranges, which have attained the ideal maturity required for the production of juice. This year's Orange Oil yield is in accordance with past production, that is 130 grams per box. There has been a strong demand for Orange Oil, as there is no natural or synthetic product that could replace it. The market is stable.

Niaouli Oil

In Madagascar, this year's Niaouli Oil production is very low in comparison with the production 5 years ago, as there has been a decrease in the worldwide market demand.

Pine Scotch Oil

In Hungary, Pine Scotch needles can be distilled year-round. The demand is stable and, since 2013, there has been an annual 10% growth. This year's projected yield is estimated to be the same as last year. The Pine market is stable.

Evening Primrose Refined Oil

In China, Evening Primrose seeds are harvested in October. This year's harvest yield is projected to be lower than that of last year. The market demand is large and the price has risen.

Tamanu Virgin Oil (Madagascar)

In Madagascar, Tamanu seeds are harvested between September and November. This year's climate changes have contributed to unfavorable growing conditions, which have caused the production to drop slightly, as the Tamanu plant blossomed during a cyclone period that was preceded by arid conditions. The production is expected to improve with precipitation. In the worldwide market, Tamanu is in high demand, especially in Canada, the USA, and Europe.

Tamanu Virgin Oil (Vietnam)

In Vietnam, Tamanu seeds are harvested between February and May. Now that there is not too much rain, the current growing conditions are favorable. Since last year, there has not been much of a change in the demand; however, this year's harvest yield is lower. The market prices for Tamanu are expected to be higher than that of last year.

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