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The following report contains updates on the current trends in production and availability of the most in-demand Essential Oils sourced from around the globe.

Bergamot (Calabrian) Essential Oil

Harvest season for Bergamot (Calabrian) Essential Oil generally runs from November to February in Southern Italy and has recently finished for the year. This year's harvest yielded the highest quality crop of the past 4 years and the oil yield surpassed last year's by about 7%. While demand for this oil – mainly in fine fragrance sales - initially experienced a sharp decline in 2020 due to complications from Covid-19, it recovered back to usual levels in November and has since remained steady. The current market projection is favorable for the near future, as aromatherapy trends look promising and many companies that are newly established or expanding their applications will need bergamot oils to grow their operations.

Clove Oils

Clove oil comes from the leaves, stems and buds of the perennial clove tree. Crops are harvested in South and Southeast Asia during dry seasons, which have recently been difficult to quantify with a precise time frame, since global climate change has affected local weather patterns in major production areas. As a result of La Niña, the current rainy season has lasted for close to 6 months and has produced very unfavorable conditions for clove bud oil production. Yields have dropped and prices have risen as a result. At this time, production of new clove bud oil has been largely brought to a standstill and exports are being sourced from stockpiles. The market is presently firm and current high prices are expected to remain stable for the next 2-3 months. If rains relent, prices may start to come down.

Citronella Essential Oil (Java)

Citronella Essential Oil (Java) comes from a perennial green grass which is harvested throughout the year at intervals of 3-4 months in the Java region of Jakarta, Indonesia. Harvests and yields this year have been stable, as has market demand. Some perceived fluctuations in Citronella prices can be attributed to fluctuations in the currency exchange rate between the Indonesian rupiah and the US dollar, as most Asian currencies have gained strength on the USD in recent months. Prices in IDR at source, however, remain stable.

Coriander Essential Oil

Growing conditions for Russian coriander have been stable so far this year and harvest yield in July is anticipated to be comparable to last year's yield. Demand for both Coriander Seed Oil and Coriander Herb Oil is stable and market conditions are currently favorable.

Clove Bud (India) Essential Oil

Despite generally unfavorable forecasts for clove bud oil production, Clove Bud (India) Essential Oil has a more positive outlook. While the harvest, which runs from December to the end of February, has yet to be completed, crop has been good this year. Demand for this oil fell earlier in the year due to Covid-19 complications, but it has been on the rise lately and the market for this oil has stabilized.

Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo wood is harvested throughout the year in Peru from dead trees, which produce higher quality oil than trees that have been cut down. Harvest can be disrupted by strong rains in the months of December to March making harvest areas inaccessible, but otherwise it can be done on an ongoing basis to meet ongoing demand. Harvest conditions and crop yield this year has been average so far, however demand has soared and oil production has increased by over 100% compared to 2020. To date, demand has increased by 50% specifically in Asian markets, the US and Canada. Demand is expected to continue rising, particularly in Asia. The rise in demand can be attributed to the relative novelty of this oil in the marketplace and its sustainable harvest practices, which make it a strong competitor against established oils like Sandalwood and Myrrh.

Helichrysum Essential Oil (Africa)

Flowers from Helichrysum are harvested throughout the year in South Africa. Growing conditions are presently favorable and are expected to remain so moving ahead. Crop yields have been good so far and they are expected to improve later in the year as the winter months approach. Demand for this oil has been on the rise as it is becoming more known in the marketplace. Rising interest is expected to generate favorable market conditions moving forward.

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