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The following report contains updates on the current trends in production and availability of the most in-demand Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, and Raw Materials sourced from around the globe.

Marula Oil

In South Africa, Marula trees grow naturally in the wild without any interference from fertilizers, and the only influence on growing conditions is the weather, such as rainy or drought conditions; however, the current growing conditions are favourable. Marula seeds are generally harvested all year round, and this year's harvest yield is slightly higher than that of last year. Sustainability practices have led to an increase in demand each year; sustainable supply is the driving force that has been contributing to the growth of Marula Oil as a cosmetic ingredient, and the current market conditions appear to be leading to GMP Certified Organic Marula Oil and "cosmetics-ready" Marula Oil. Maintaining consistency in the supplier, quality, and natural composition on a scheduled and sustainable supply method allows for the easy obtainability of superior quality Marula Oil well into the future.

Neem Oil

In India, Neem is harvested between July and September. The growing conditions have been favorable; however, due to high temperatures, the yield has been comparatively less than the previous year. There is increasing demand for Neem Oil, given its wide use as a natural insecticide. Prices are expected to increase in the upcoming harvest season.

Borage Oil

In China, Borage is harvested between September and October. The current growing conditions are favorable, with the botanical receiving sufficient sunshine; however, this year's harvest yield is expected to be slightly lower than the previous year. The current demand is equal to the annual demand, and Borage Oil prices have increased.

Clementine Oil

In Italy, clementines are harvested from November to approximately February. Growing conditions have been favorable and crop growth is resuming now after trees were afflicted with disease 4 years ago. Compared to the previous crop, this year's yield has been higher. The majority of the clementine crop is primarily for the fresh fruit market, as sales of organic fruits are highly lucrative for growers. The demand for Clementine Essential Oil is steady.

Chia Seed Oil - Organic - Extra Virgin

In Peru, Chia seeds are harvested from June until mid-August. This year's harvest yield has been lower than the previous year, resulting in lower supply. The price of Chia Oil is expected to increase this year due to lower supply and higher demand. The international demand for Chia Oil is growing, particularly in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Rosemary Oil

In Spain, there is no specific harvest month for Rosemary; however, the season typically lasts from March until October, and the product can be distilled all year. Rosemary grows naturally in the field and, as long as there are no droughts, Spain has the ideal growing conditions. In the summer, the Rosemary harvest yield is around 0.7% - 0.8%, and 70-80 kg of plant is required to obtain 1 kg of the Essential Oil, the demand for which is growing by 10% every year, especially for the organic quality. The current Rosemary Oil prices are competitive.

In Morocco, Rosemary is harvested from May to September. The current weather and growing conditions are normal; however, the 2019 Rosemary Oil production are expected to be lower due to the demand for dried Rosemary leaves for extraction. The demand for Rosemary Oil is stable, and the prices are expected to remain steady as well.

Chamomile Oil

In Morocco, Chamomile is harvested from August to September. Due to the decreased demand for Chamomile and the subsequently low prices, Chamomile has been planted in a lesser area, which means that there are expected to be lower amounts of Chamomile Oil. The prices are currently at the lower level and could potentially increase as a result of the low harvest from this year's crop yield.

Sage Dalmatian Oil

In Albania, Dalmatian Sage is harvested from June to December. The Sage in Albania is typically cultivated near the mountains, where the soil and the climate are similar to the those of wild-grown Sage; at present, there are no issues with cultivation. This year's harvest yield is projected to be the same as that of last year. The demand and market conditions are dependent on customer requests.

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