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The following report contains updates on the current trends in production and availability of the most in-demand Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, and Raw Materials sourced from around the globe.

Spearmint 65% & Spearmint Organic Oils

In India, Spearmint is harvested between May and June. The current growing conditions are largely favorable. The harvest yield is projected to be lower than that of last year. While the demand for Spearmint is high in the Indian market, it is not as high in the overseas market. Since June, the market conditions have been stable and they are expected to be stronger in the coming months.

The harvest yield of organic Spearmint is projected to be higher than that of last year, though the demand for this variety is also low. The market conditions are average.

Thyme Red, White, & Organic Oils

In Spain, Thyme is harvested between May and July as well as between December and January. There has been an increase in demand and the next harvest yield is expected to be 20% higher than that of the previous year.

In Morocco, Thyme is harvested between the months of April and June. In 2018, the growing conditions and the harvest yield were both normal. While both the demand and the market conditions for Organic Thyme Oil are stable, it is too soon to predict the 2019 yield.

Wintergreen & Wintergreen Organic Oils

In Nepal and China, Wintergreen leaves are harvested in all four seasons. The current growing conditions seem to be average, with neither heavy rain nor harsh aridity. This year’s harvest yield is projected to be the same as the previous crop. The market conditions for Wintergreen Oil are currently unclear.

Frankincense (Carterii) Oil

In the United Arab Emirates, the annual harvest of Frankincense begins in late July or early August, depending on when the rainy season comes to an end. Harvest season concludes in the last week of January, as the heavy rain that occurs between February and July is reputed to wash away the trees’ resin. The growing conditions vary, depending on the geography of the growing regions; the trees that grow on the Rocky Mountains yield a higher quality of oil, which contains greater percentages of beneficial constituents, such as alpha-Pinene. Conversely, the trees that grow in lowland soil yield oil with lower percentages of major constituents. Due to this year’s heavy rains, which ended in late September, the harvest yield of 2018/2019 is projected to be at least 20% less than that of 2017/2018. With the demand for Frankincense growing 10-15% every year, the market is in an upward trend.

Rosehip Extra Virgin & Rosehip Refined Oils

In Chile, Rosehips are harvested from January to April. The climate has been consistently favorable, providing ideal growing conditions for Rosehips. The harvest yield of 2019 is expected to see an increase of 5% from last year’s yield; however, it is too soon to confirm this estimate, as there is a high volume of raw material for this crop that grows largely in the wild, thus there may be a shortage of labor for the harvest. The demand for Rosehip Oils is on the rise, as its cellular regeneration properties are reputed to be superior to other carrier oils. The skin care industries of Europe and North America are the main consumers of Rosehip Oil with Asia following closely behind and beginning to incorporate Rosehip Oil into its formulations.

Rosehip Organic Oil

In Chile, organic Rosehips are harvested between March and May. The current favorable climate is creating ideal growing conditions for the next harvest season. At this time, it is difficult to estimate the harvest yield, which will become increasingly clearer as the harvest season commences. Compared to the demand for conventional grades of Rosehip Oil, the demand for Organic Rosehip Oil continues to grow and the market conditions will become more apparent next season. Higher costs of the fruit have subsequently led to higher prices for both the seed and the oil, thus Rosehip Oil prices are expected to continue to increase.

Menthol Crystals

In India, Peppermint – the main Mint variety in which Menthol occurs naturally – is harvested between June and July. The current growing conditions are favorable. Compared to the 2017 oil production of 28 000 tons, last year’s harvest yield produced 35 000 tons, which has met the current demand for 35 000-40 000 tons per year. The market conditions are good; however, last year’s crop shortage has led to the higher prices that we continue to see today. This year’s demand was greater but the lack of carryover stock from last year has led to a shortage of produce this year.

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