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Shampoo Base Ultra Premium (SLS Free)

Average Product Rating: 4.5 / 5 (Based on 26 Customer Reviews)

Paraben Free, Gluten Free & SLS Free
Wash away dirt and oil with our nourishing Ultra Premium Shampoo Base. Specifically formulated, it cleanses the hair while restoring shine and manageability. It has a rich lather that rinses clean for ultra performance. This new formulation is faster absorbing, leaves no sticky feeling, robust enough for complex customizations and is easier to spread while still maintaining the look and feel of a premium product.
Made from some of the most natural and mild ingredients, our Ultra Premium Shampoo does not compromise on quality. It has been carefully formulated to be extremely robust and receptive to essential oil, fragrant oil and natural botanicals.

Appearance: Pale Yellow Liquid.

Usage: We recommend all additives not exceed 0.5% percent of the total volume.

Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine
Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Decyl Glucoside
DL Panthenol
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate
Rosemary (Rosmarius Officinalis) Extract
Citric Acid
PEG-7-Glyceryl Cocoate

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Submited By: Zorina from Mount Albert, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2013
Rating: Star

I like this shampoo, but found it very thick almost gel like. It cleans very well and leaves my hair soft. I read about cutting it with distilled water or floral water, but if this is the case do I need to add another preservative? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Submited By: Susan from Bedeque, Prince Edward Island on
Loyal Customer Since: 2013
Rating: Star

I'm totally addicted to this shampoo base and will never go back to regular shampoo. A little phytokeratin, some essential oils, depending on my mood, and goodbye itchy head! As a bonus, I've got really fine, wavy grey hair and it just makes it sparkle and snap with lots of body.
Submited By: Jevon from Teeswater, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2014
Rating: Star

This is now my FOREVER shampoo! It doesn't dry out my hair like some commercial products.
Submited By: Monica from Bolton, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

Love this shampoo! Yes, the gel consistency is a bit strange, but I add floral waters and "voila!" - a shampoo with a silky texture. Add your favourite essential oils and you're all set :)
Submited By: Erin from Saint-thomas, Quebec on
Loyal Customer Since: 2013
Rating: Star

LOVE this shampoo base! It has the consistency of a gel so I made the following additions and it turns out creamy and with a great lather every time: For ~350ml bottle: 60ml distilled water (4 tbsp), 20ml of glycerin (4 tsp), 200ml of shampoo, 1 tbsp coconut oil (dandruff), 1 tsp phytokeratin (as per another review), 1-2 tsp camellia oil, 12 drops rosemary, 12 drops peppermint. I have curly dyed hair that is often dry and this shampoo is great for me, and the whole family. I use in combination with the conditioner ultra premium base right out of the bottle. No color fading and my hair is super manageable and shiny!
Submited By: Erin from Sidney, British Columbia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2009
Rating: Star

I have been using this shampoo for a couple years. LOVE it. I know what people are saying about the gel texture. I have a fix! Add a little bit of water, shake it up and gel texture is gone and normal shampoo texture. I am going to try the camellia oil in it as people recommended in their reviews.
Submited By: Catherine from Stoney Creek, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2012
Rating: Star

When I first got product, I found the gel like substance incredibly hard to work with. I decided to try warming it a bit to see if it would work better without ruining the integrity of the product. I warmed it just enough to take it out of the gel stage but keep it in a very thick cream stage. I mixed my extra ingredients to it at this stage and it was so easy to put into my bottles( with the help of a large mouth funnel). As it cooled it did revert back to its gel stage but not as extreme. I tried the shampoo for a few days and it was amazing still. There was no problem with warming it. I should say that I used 36 ounces of product to 2 minutes in the microwave at 1 minute intervals as to make sure it didn't get too warm. The glass bowl I used was warm to the touch but not hot. This worked perfectly for me. I love the product and my husband is raving about how great it was for his hair. Squeaky clean with just one wash.
Submited By: John from London, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2012
Rating: Star

I had a hard time with this shampoo. I couldn't get it to really sud when I would put additives. Alone, it was not very different than using castile soap. I don't regret buying it, but I probably won't do it again. I guess I'm just not prepared to work with shampoos yet.
Submited By: Carrie from Oakville, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

This is a wonderful shampoo, especially with a little Camellia oil added. It leaves the hair wonderfully soft and clean and is gentle on the scalp. So very nice.
Submited By: Tara from Etobicoke, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2012
Rating: Star

Being a hairstylist for the last 15 years I have tried every professional shampoo out there. This product is amazing. I added a little Camilla seed oil and my hair has never been softer. Yes the consistency is a little thick but use it with a pump and it works beautifully. I love how it removes all the sprays and waxes I put in my hair yet it's gentle enough not to strip my colour.
Submited By: Crystal from Guelph, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

easy to work with, takes fragrance oil well but customers say it dries there head out..
Submited By: Chadwick from Canton De Hatley, Quebec on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

I agree with the jelly like consistency, but I am able to thin it out, and works great in squeeze bottles and in pumps. Great lather, good price.
Submited By: Heather from Uxbridge, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

This shampoo is an odd consistency and therefore somewhat difficult to mix with EO and put into bottles but I still love it. Soft, shiny hair and no itch. The whole family uses it and the kids complained when we ran out and they had to use commercial shampoo. Hope the restock comes soon!
Submited By: Kay from Vancouver, British Columbia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

complete agree with Vanessa, love the product but don't like the jelly consistency and the thick consistency makes it harder to bottle & pump.
Submited By: Vanessa from Terrace Bay, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

Only problem I had with this product was the consistency, it came out as a thick, jelly-like substance that was very unappealing. The product itself was great, excellent cleansing and great lather.
Submited By: Stephanie from Toronto, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2010
Rating: Star

This makes my hair feel so nice! no build up! no hair breakage! and no drying! My locks are beautiful now!
Submited By: Claudia from Sydenham, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2011
Rating: Star

Love this shampoo. Rich lather that cleans thoroughly without drying, rinses clean, has no build-up whatsoever. Leaves my fine and lifeless hair full of body and shine. An absolute keeper!
Submited By: Natalie from Mont-royal, Quebec on
Loyal Customer Since: 2010
Rating: Star

Excellent shampoo. It cleans very well, leaves hair soft and moisturized without build up with is great.
Submited By: Elizabeth from Canso, Nova Scotia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

This is an amazing SLS free shampoo. I have been using it for more than a year and now I will not use anything else. It leaves my hair ultra soft and there is absolutely no build up so I do not have to keep changing shampoos! I added phytokeratin for an even richer shine to the hair and added different combinations of EOs...Hinoki Wood with Jasmine was a favorite. Now my daughter wants more too so please hurry and restock!
Submited By: Rhonda from Paradise, Newfoundland on
Loyal Customer Since: 2008
Rating: Star

I would like to see a more concentrated shampoo offered by New Directions. Where I live shipping costs are so expensive. It would be more cost efficient if I could add most of the water myself.
Submited By: Lynne from Thorsby, Alberta on
Loyal Customer Since: 2005
Rating: Star

My customers love this shampoo, being SLS free is also great. I also use the Conditioner.
Submited By: Brette from Georgetown, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since:
Rating: Star

I mixed up a batch using grapefruit (for oily hair) and rosemary (for growth). The shampoo held the scent and EOs perfectly. Also, despite no SLS, it still lathers well and leaves my hair feeling very clean with less hair loss. Great stuff.
Submited By: Louise from Montreal, Quebec on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

I think I will become addict for this shampoo. The price is great and I am so glad having a SLS free shampoo ! (If it could help me having a clear brain...) My hair is clean and soft.
Submited By: Esperanza from Markham, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2007
Rating: Star

I added palmarosa EO, ricebran and camellia seed oil ( total additives not more than 0.5% as suggested ) to it and my hair feels so nice and fresh with less hair falling off. I also used the ultra premium conditioner base as well. The prices are great at ND.
Submited By: Tracy from Fauquier, British Columbia on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

Great Lather & Moisturizing properties. It cleans without drying. I would prefer if it was available in larger sizes.
Submited By: Trudy from Warkworth, Ontario on
Loyal Customer Since: 2006
Rating: Star

The caramel colour of this product is very inviting along with a great consistency that easily allows you to incorporate other ingredients. I would like to see the product provide a creamy consistent lather.